About Academy
Ages (U7-U10)

NEOFC Academy is designed to help area youth obtain needed skills, knowledge and attitude to enhance their ability for growth and success; preparing them for competitive soccer and beyond. NEOFC Academy will strive to provide elite level of training and adequate competition, allowing the areas most motivated and achieving players the opportunity to train and excel in a fun and encouraging learning environment. Every child will be allowed the opportunity to "unlock the game within themselves" to ensure they reach their full soccer potential.

The NEOFC Academy program aims to cultivate the individual growth of players, who will have an opportunity through our activities to consistently improve individual skills, tactical awareness, ball, motor and agility skills.  Players will receive an innumerable amount of touches on the ball each practice through our '1 ball 1 player' principle and our fast footwork, ball mastery and coordination exercises--highlighting the importance of ball control, composure and soccer rhythm.


We take pride in adequately developing our players, introducing the most developmentally appropriate skills at the right time and correct stage of the player’s physical and mental phase of development.  Player retention is something we seriously consider.  We place a significant amount of effort to ensure our retention rate is very high, reducing the possibility of burn out, which we call the “Zero Effect”. Where players a literally pushed out of the game by overzealous stakeholders, causing all their effort and time invested only to produce “0” return.  We avoid the “0” effect by not sacrificing development for Short term results, insulating our players from burn-out as much as possible.  We accomplish this objective by sequentially building upon the following areas.

  1. Having fun and developing unbridled enthusiasm for the game.
  2. Focus on improving individual technique.  The Great Neutralizer
  3. Developing the Rhythm of the game, Ball Mastery and Physical movement.
  4. Developing age appropriate tactical awareness


  Technique, technique, Technique, we aim for Technical Mastery, building self-confidence in each player. We teach our players how to use creative techniques to solve common soccer problems on the field.  As we work towards technical mastery be believe individual tactical awareness is improved at the same time.

We believe if we take care of the beginning the end would take care of itself.  Providing proper training at the right time and phase of the players’ development will allow their individual skills and tactical understanding to grow and create a love for the game.

Educating our family about the importance of player development is critical for the success of our program. We would see an acceleration of the growth of the game in our area. With more families in our community that believe in player development over the winning-at-all costs mentality that you see in many youth programs today.