NEOFC 04 Blue Win Sheffield Invitational Kia Cup

NEOFC's 2004 Girls NPL Team walked through the competition this weekend, winning hte Sheffield Invitational Kia Cup.  The 04 Girls reached the final on Sunday after winning their group stage with 9 goals for and 1 against.  In the semi-finals, NEOFC beat WSA 04 North 5-0, to advance to the final.  

In the final, the 04 girls had many opportunities but could not capitalize.  In the first minutes of the second half, Zoe McCabe finished a move in the box, that put NEOFC up 1-0 vs Crossover Prep 05 Impact.  NEOFC would finish off Crossover Prep with a couple of headers coming from Hannah Schulze, off of Zoe McCabe crosses.  NEOFC's defense was stellar through out the tournanment, only giving up one goal in four games.