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2022-23 NEOFC Kickoff Tournament

Academy Preview

From May 1st to June 1st

Open training sessions

Northeast Oklahoma FC

“NORTHEAST OKLAHOMA FC” is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving the needs of the more committed soccer player by providing the highest level of instruction available thereby preparing him or her to be a proud representative of NEOFC at local, state, and regional competitions. Northeast Oklahoma FC strives to produce confident players who have not only reached their full athletic potential, but are also prepared to become active and productive members of their community.

NEOFC Kickoff Classic Moved to Spring 2023

Return to play Guidelines

Social Distancing Guidelines:

  • We ask all spectators stay in their cars till 5 – 10 minutes before their players scheduled game time. This will allow the spectators from the previous game to vacate the sidelines so that the new spectators are able to socially distance. If you need to walk your player out to the field to find his team/coach, then please do that, returning to your vehicle until 5 – 10 minutes before game time.
  • Opposing teams will sit on opposite sides of the field. Home teams, coaches, and spectators will sit on the same side with the away team, coaches, and spectators on the other side. This will allow spectators to use the whole sideline to space out (6 feet apart) as stated in the Covid-19 return to play policy. Home Team will sit on the North or East Sideline and Away team will sit on the South or West Sideline.
  • There will be no coin toss held by the referee. The home team will have kick off first half and the away team will pick which end they want to defend.
  • There will be no handshakes or anything similar before during or after the game.
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Contact us:

Northeast Oklahoma FC